• Friends of the Museum

    The «Friends of the Oskar Reinhart Museum» Association consists of lovers of paintings by German, Swiss and Austrian artists from the 18th to the early 20th century, who feel that they can relate to Oskar Reinhart's Collection of images.

    The Association is involved in preserving and promoting the collection of paintings and art objects that are the subject of the Oskar Reinhart Foundation. It supports museum projects which allow the paintings in the Collection to play a fascinating main role, in a new context each time.

    The Association meets up to analyse the paintings, for guided tours and social occasions held at and outside of the Museum. The Association would be delighted to amaze you with its ties to the collection of paintings at the Oskar Reinhart Museum and would like to invite you to become a member of the Friends of the Museum Association.

    President of the Association:
    Sonja Remensberger

    Freunde des Museums Oskar Reinhart
    ℅ Museum Oskar Reinhart
    Stadthausstrasse 6
    CH-8400 Winterthur